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A New Book That Teaches You How to Quit Smoking

Tobacco use is the world's leading cause of preventable deaths. Countless individuals have their loved ones wrenched from their lives because of the many medical conditions caused by a smoking addiction. Living with a tobacco habit is like being a prisoner in one's own mind, trapped in a cycle of guilt followed by the desire to smoke. For individuals who have smoked for many years, this situation may feel particularly helpless. Fortunately, there is an answer.

Author Abadiah Israel is proud to introduce Stop Smoking in 3 Days, a new guide that explains how to quit smoking quickly and stay tobacco-free. This book does not feature gimmicks, chemicals, pills, or medication. The methods presented in the text are natural and highly effective. As the author of this book, Abadiah hopes to free tobacco users by teaching them to use their God-given abilities to resist the urge to smoke. Tobacco is a strong influence, but the power of God is infinitely stronger. Defeat your addiction today with the purchase of Abadiah's book.

End your tobacco habit with this new book.

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About Abadiah Israel

When it comes to writing about real-world problems, experience is everything. It's hard to speak to an issue without having dealt with it yourself. Abadiah Israel is proud to say that he writes based on his own personal experiences, standing on the foundation of his personal achievements. His ultimate goal is to found a nonprofit organization to share the truth about God with the world. Abadiah's hope is that the proceeds from the sale of Stop Smoking in 3 Days can be used to fulfill this desire. He will be available for book signings, seminars, and retreats in the near future; please check back often to learn more.


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